AMPM Recommends: Things to do at home

There was a time when 24 hours in a day were not enough. There were so many things that we were running after – so many people that we had to meet and so many plans that we had to make. But this quarantine period has locked us all in our homes and given us time to reflect on things that got left behind in life’s daily grind. This is the time to learn ...

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AMPM Recommends: Priyanka Modi’s African Safari

When Priyanka Modi visited Africa for the first time she was all of 9 years old. It was an experience-of-a-lifetime, where she chased a breathtaking sunrise on an early morning hot-air balloon ride, had brunch next to a pride of lions and witnessed elephants and giraffes wandering up to her viewing decks. The African culture drew her in – she was enraptured by their sustainable livelihoods and vibrant arts. It was this same ...

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Fabric of Choice: Soft Denims

Denim is a perennial classic. It’s long-lasting and robust weave gives it an impeccable look and feel every time you wear it. First produced in the 17th century in the French city of Nîmes, denim gets its name from sergé de Nîmes, which roughly translates to “fabric from Nîmes”. The present-day indigo shade was derived from a plant called Indigofera Tinctoria, which was originally manufactured in India. Roughly three centuries ...

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