For the first time, AMPM’s inspiration comes from the land of majestic palaces, rugged forts, golden sand and a scorching sun. We bring Rajasthan to life through the panoramic lens of Aārthai. A name coined by us, it is the culmination of two words – ‘art’ a recurring source of inspiration and ‘athai,’ a Marwari origin word meaning ‘here’.
Aārthai simply means ‘art lies here’.

Our offering takes cues from the vibrant artistic heritage of the royal state. There are two key inspiration stories followed throughout the season, the art of Pichwai and of the Amer Fort in Jaipur. Whilst Pichwai is characterized by its beautiful motifs from mythological tales, the Amer Fort is known for its intricately decorated doors, ceilings and archways. Combined, they became our primary influences for a spirited summer.

In the most fresh yet unconventional summer palette, the traditionally busy artform is reimagined in a unique minimal rendition. Ornamentation is key, lending a three dimensional aspect to the artistry drawn on cloth. Our motifs for summer feature details from the fabled stepwells and jharokha laden havelis.

Through Aārthai, art and architecture transcend into a modern, more abstract realization. The strokes are free and intuitive but strike a nuanced balance, forming a very contemporary portrait of Rajasthan.

Cowled jackets and tunics play canvas to dreamy prints. Our signature pre-draped saree is heightened by intricate surface design. Think dreamy motifs in hues of pearl ivory, purple, burgundy and sage.

The collection features summer shirts, godet palazzos and soft drapery that has now become a house signature. Soft chanderis and sumptuous silks, are punctuated by silk satin embroidery, applique dori work and gold faux leather embossing. We heighten all this luxury by adding gold-plated coiled brooches, plush buttons and beautiful branch fasteners. Our classic corset belts and shoes are also amplified with exotic charms and figurines.

“Being a Marwari myself, I’ve experienced Rajasthan in many different ways throughout my life. I have travelled there, lived there, been schooled there, but the one thing that’s remained a constant has been my sense of awe at the sheer width and variation of art, craft, topography and culture that this desert land has to offer. 

So many times over nearly two decades, I’ve thought of exploring Rajasthan. And every single time I was overwhelmed by the number of possibilities it presented and the fact that I’d have to whittle it down to fit into a collection. So I kept pushing it into the future. 

For most of us, it took an unforeseen global event to realize that we cannot wait for a perfect time for things to happen; and how out of control we truly are of our own lives. 

I had seen Jai Khanna’s work at his solo show some time ago and saw how beautifully he had taken a traditionally busy and colourful art form, and depicted it so minimally, so emotively. That spark of inspiration came right there.”

– Priyanka Modi, Creative Director

Aārthai is now available at all AMPM stores. You can also browse the collection here.

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