Through the netted roof, we saw stars in the Moroccan sky.

The story of Kenza has been an adventure of style. It will take a surreal turn as we find ourselves in the middle of festivities – mystic luxe, if you may. However, this transition gets a rose-tinted update as we bring to you our favourite silhouettes in the striking crimson hue.

We carry a book along, take pictures and write journals – to freeze our travels in time. Like memoirs. The Crimson Curation is that memoir. It is that book, those pictures and journals, scented with a kind of nomadic joy. Waiting to be touched. And felt. And lived in.
Think delicate volumes, single-thread embroidery and artisanal appliqué. Immerse yourself in Mediterranian marquetry and the resplendent art and culture of Morocco, with our Crimson Curation.

Let in the festive spirit with these timeless pieces, quintessentially AMPM.

  • Lewa Red Tunic
    The evenings just got more chic. With solitary floral motifs and gold faux-leather details, make an effortless statement with the Lewa Tunic.
  • Mesi Red Suit Set
    A potter’s dream on an airy dupatta. The Mesi kurta is a vision in georgette, apt for autumn sundowners.
  • Zahara Red Dress
    Sumptuous tiers, a delicately embroidered bodice and a cinched waist – courtesy the exquisitely crafted faux-leather belt . The Zahara Dress is all the modern update the festivities needed.
  • Tazara Scarf
    A beautifully printed scarf that is crafted in ultra-soft silk and features swirls and floral patterns all over. Go ahead and fall in love.

You can read more about our inspiration for Kenza AW’20 here or browse the entire collection here 

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