“To make a conscious choice is the most meaningful contribution one can make towards the future of fashion but more importantly, towards the livelihood of the young weavers. Be it production practices, consumption patterns or encouraging our consumers, every small change in the right direction is a great shift towards a conscious and responsible future.”

At AMPM, we believe in empowering the people at the grassroot level. Textile communities form the backbone of the diverse cultural framework of our nation. It is imperative to work towards a future where our weavers are not just conservators of a rich heritage but also independent entrepreneurs leading the way for a more equitable society.

The Handloom School empowering a generation of young students to weave a responsible future

The Handloom School is an initiative inspired by Women Weave’s belief that young weavers from across India can become custodians of the resources and processes of handloom in the contemporary marketplace. It offers a signature program that provides both traditional and cutting edge training to young handloom artisans, giving them the tools to optimise market opportunities and earn a more equitable livelihood.

In light of that, AMPM has associated with The Handloom School to bring you ‘A Sale That Gives Back’. Our End Of Season Sale takes on a conscious route, where 3% of the proceeds go directly to The Handloom School, in order to provide design support and facilitate product development.

This End of Season Sale, we welcome you to support the aspiring entrepreneurs by purchasing the best of AMPM between 22nd and 26th January. 

Visit or an AMPM near you and empower a generation of skilled students to become future ambassadors of the nation.

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