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An extension of our creative director, Priyanka Modi’s vision, art-i-culate germinates from the hope to create a dialogue; one that never ends, one that is ever flowing.

” Art, in every form, has been the core of my inspiration.

Usually, there is a moment you would remember that would signify the start of a significant relationship, but I don’t particularly remember when this one seeped into my life and became so intimate.

In my formative years, I was exposed to a very wide gamut of art and culture. Travels around the world contributed extensively, but I was equally enchanted by the festivities, traditions, history and culture back home. India is so deeply rich in its crafts and heritage, and we as people are so vibrant and expressive, that an artist could never run short of inspiration or even a good story.

Over the years, I have drawn from many brilliant minds, unusual talents. It is one of my greatest joys, to discover art that is expressive and evocative, that beholds a language all of its own. These works are so rich sometimes, that generations of other creators are able to uplift their work and empower themselves. 

That for me is truly inspirational.

Gates of Lord, Jai Khanna | stone colour on silk

For instance, in 2019 I visited an art exhibition and found myself entranced by the works of Jai Khanna. Having deep roots in Rajasthan I had seen many ‘Pichwais’, but when I saw Jai’s rendition of Shrinathji I was completely transfixed. Just taking the basic guardrails of Pichwai, he seemed to have created his own language, one that was free of rules and restrictions and full of detail and devotion. 

The uniqueness of his artistry, his compositions and minimalistic expression, especially significant when depicting an Indian God, completely inspired me to design our Spring Summer ’21 collection.

For reason after reason, I was unable to meet him for nearly two years and finally met him this year, in 2021, and found it was true what I had thought, that he had fully and freely expressed himself in his work. His deep devotion, enthralling inspirations and infectious enthusiasm truly captured my attention, just like his art, and for the first time, instead of telling our story I wanted to tell his story.

And the story of other artists and creators like him, each deeply personal to them, who have freely explored their creative expression through their own unique mediums.

Presenting art-i-culate.

Made with love, art-i-culate is a series where we bring our audience intimate accounts of artists from different disciplines. 

In fondly recounting their journeys, these beautiful minds give us a glimpse of themselves, a moment in time never seen before. Every stroke, every emotion, every movement that you see, articulates their story.

It is my hope that this series enriches the lives of everyone who experiences it. That it sparks a little inspiration, a little creativity, for the great minds out there waiting for it.”




Karuna Reddy, the pottery artist is seen wearing our Kaavya shirt in linen and our signature dhoti pants from aārthai.

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