Zāhia, a Mediterranean Daydream

Destinations are just a thought away. And every vivid picture the mind paints, is just as real. This festive season, we take a leap of imagination. A dreamy retelling of a day in Morocco. Lean in and experience the other-worldly charm of Zāhia.

Palais de la Zāhia remains a recurring source of inspiration this season. Home to the ’60s fashion icon Talitha Getty, a Dutch model and actor who spent her days in Marrakech with her husband, the Mediterranean architecture played muse as we pursued a fantasy of sorts. Its sculpted arches and bannisters, doorways engraved with intricate foliage, resplendent colours and curvilinear art served as inspiration for luxury, that is enriching yet intimate. With Zāhia, the quintessential AMPM style marries architectural elements in a flight of fancy.

Sunlit Casablanca skies, blue and brimming with possibilities. Stretched afternoons in vineyards with musky purpling grapes. A surreal calm, by the archways in Marrakech at dusk. All come alive in artworks that take reality and turn it around. The Zāhia campaign comprises a series of three-dimensional compositions. They echo the essence of the times we live in and become lucid subjects of a painting. Spaces, objects and ideas oscillate between the real and unreal, like a lovingly rendered mirage.


The spirit of festivals is heightened through imagery capturing our designs, whisking you away to a dream. Think effortless and versatile separates such as tailored jackets, relaxed tunics, our classic pre-draped sarees and coordinated sets that feature hand-rendered motifs and colour-blocked patterns. 

A palette of wild burgundy, fuchsia and ripe tangerine meet classic hues of toosh and gold. Our signature prints are further elevated with time-intensive techniques such as thread embroidery and gold appliqué to add a subtle hint of glamour to this festive capsule.

Zāhia is now in all AMPM stores. You can also browse the collection here.

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