“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

And when the spirit of that imagination becomes one with the hand, art is born. Zāhia is an artistic endeavour, an attempt to capture the essence of a day spent in Morocco. It is inspired by Palais de la Zāhia, home to the ’60s fashion icon Talitha Getty. The Mediterranean architecture played muse as we pursued a fantasy of sorts. Zāhia transcends reality and takes you on a mystical journey. Our philosophy celebrates craft in its myriad avatars. Motifs are painstakingly evolved, to create a distinct visual language. One that is an artistic nod to its roots. 

At AMPM, printmaking brings together different facets of a design, to narrate an authentic story. Come and witness the intimate stories and creative musings that go behind our artistry. 

Sunlit Casablanca skies, blue and brimming with possibilities. Stretched afternoons in vineyards with musky purpling grapes. A surreal calm, by the archways in Marrakech at dusk. All come alive in clothes that are essentially heirlooms. The design celebrates soulful motifs from the Mediterranean. Think ancient Berber carpets, wild flora and exquisite engravings. All these visual touchstones are reimagined and given a new lease of life

Abstract and striking a unique balance – almost intuitive, they adorn signature silhouettes effortlessly. The hand rendered motifs and colour blocked patterns are further elevated with time-intensive techniques such as thread embroidery and gold appliqué.

Zāhia is expressed through a series of three-dimensional compositions. They echo the essence of the times we live in and become lucid subjects of a painting. Spaces, objects and ideas oscillate between the real and unreal, like a lovingly rendered mirage. 

Sometimes an escape is all we need to feel closest to the artist in us.

Craft your own escape with Zāhia. Discover more.

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Zāhia, a Mediterranean Daydream

From Morocco, With Love

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